Graduate School of Dalian University of Technology

The Graduate School of Dalian University of Technology was established in 1986, whic -h is one of the first 33 graduate schools in China.

GraduateSchool consists of 23 staffs and 7 offices, Discipline Office, Degree Office, Adm -ission Office, Student Affairs Office, Academic Training Office, Professional Degree Office, and Adminstration Office. Discipline Office is mainly responsible for discipline planning; the construction of the national and Liaoning provincial key disciplines; the management of the “985 Project” and the “211 Project” construction projects; the declaration and assess-ment of discipline programs; the construction of the tutorial faculty. Degree Office is mainly responsible for the conferring and management of the doctor’s degree and the master’s degree; the aggregation and reporting of the degree information of Liaoning Province; the assessment and defense of dissertations; the quality supervision and examination of dis-sertations; the assessment and management of the doctoral thesis funds, and the selec-tion of the outstanding doctoral theses through public appraisal; the construction and ma-nagement of the network academic journals. Admission Office is mainly responsible for the admission of the master’s, doctor’s and autumn MBA’s candidates; the formulation and re-porting of the master’s and doctor’s admission plans; the formulation of the master’s and doctor’s admission prospectuses and examination outlines; admission consultation; docu-ment management. Student Affairs Office is mainly responsible for the ideological educa-tion and behavior management of the postgraduates; scholarship management; the na-tional student-assistant loan; the construction and management of the Postgraduates’ Union and other students’ organizations; medical insurance; dormitory management. Aca-demic Training Office is mainly responsible for the development of the academic training schemes; curriculum planning; textbook construction; teaching reform; the management of the students’ enrollment status (including people with equivalent educational level). Professional Degree Office is mainly responsible for the admission and academic training of Mater of Engineering, MPA, spring MBA (including EMBA), college teachers, and the classes for further postgraduate studies; work related to the national unified examination for people with equivalent educational level to apply for master’s degree. Adminstration Office is mainly responsible for the management of files and documents; information work; statistical data; seal management; fund management; equipment management; the man-agement of the Graduate School website; the management of information systems; daily reception.

The management and service objectives of Graduate School are: to use the postgra-duates’ training experience of the world-class research-oriented universities for reference, emphasize the excellent traditions of long-time school running and the discipline advan-tages with our own characteristics, be strict in the assurance system of the postgraduat-es’ academic training quality, seek truth and be pragmatic in study and build up a base of high-level talents, strive to cultivate high-level creative talents for our country to meet the needs of science and technology development and national economic construction, and build Dalian University of Technology into a world-renowned high-level research-oriented university.


Postal address: Graduate School of Da-lian University of Technology, Linggong Road No. 2, Ganjingzi District, Dalian City, Liaoning Province, China
Postal code: 116024
Tel: 0411-84708330
Fax: 0411-84707700
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